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TigerStop makes improvements to SawGear


TigerStop, a manufacturer of linear positioning systems, say it has made significant improvements to SawGear, an automated length measuring system for chop saws.

The new SawGear includes upgrades to its electronics, software, and hardware that increase accuracy tolerance, durability and ease of use, according to the company.

With the improvements, the SawGear can withstand greater shock while maintaining its accuracy. Also, users will be notified if a recalibration is needed, and the SawGear will then automatically recalibrate itself. SawGear 2.0 also includes quick-release clamps for the SawGear powerhead for easier portability.

“We made enhancements to SawGear specifically targeted for small welding and fabrication shops as well as small door and window manufacturing environments providing affordable automation,” TigerStop’s Matt Harris said in a statement. “We believe so strongly in SawGear’s ability to offer smaller manufacturers the benefits of lean manufacturing and automation that larger shops have been experiencing for years, thus making them more competitive and providing an immediate return on their investment.”

For information, visit www.sawgear.com or www.tigerstop.com.

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