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TigerStop donates SawGear to school

TigerStop LLC, a manufacturer of linear positioning systems, and WoodLINKS USA, an organization dedicated to the educational development of incoming woodworkers, joined forces to support local middle and high school woodshop teachers.

TigerStop, a supporter of WoodLINKS, donated its SawGear, a portable, length measuring automation tool, to Kelso (Wash.) High School.

“Support from TigerStop for the woodworking program at local schools is one of the primary goals of WoodLINKS,” WoodLINKS Northwest director Dave Anderson, Northwest said. “The vital, engaging woodworking programs such as the one at Kelso High School are a very important link to the success of wood manufacturing in this country. I’m confident this support will bring many benefits.”

In addition to the donated SawGear, which will be used by the school’s wood technology program to build cabinets for houses, another SawGear will be used in a new program at Kelso High School next year called Geometry in Construction. The program will build a house from the ground up that will teach geometry and will be educating over 100 students per day.

"It was a great day for the woodworking program at Kelso High School,” said teacher Cory Torppa. “The SawGear allows me to teach decimals, fractions, production and precision in a simple way that would not be possible without the SawGear. Having the SawGear system is a good way to expose students to technology used in the woodworking and manufacturing world. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the future of house construction and groundbreaking techniques utilized by the SawGear which reduces labor time by 30 percent for framing, siding, and finish work. I’m excited to be a part of this innovative movement in the construction industry and give my students the chance to learn the tools that will be part of their future.”

“We believe the next generation of carpenters and woodworkers will be more technology savvy,” TigerStop founder and CEO Spencer Dick said. “It is our obligation as the industry leader to give back to the community, reach a younger generation by continuously developing innovative, cutting edge products, and help groom them by involvement in programs such as WoodLINKS.”

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