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Techno’s new site requires fewer clicks

Techno Inc. CNC Routers launched a revamped Web site at

After much consideration and design, this new Web site maintains the same great features as it had before, but has evolved into a fully functional, easy-to-use site that will provide visitors with the most amount of information in the least amount of clicks, according to CNC Routers sales manager Roy Valentine.

"We wanted to make our new Web site clean and concise, yet informative. Keeping our own experiences of Web surfing in mind, we were able to create a new Web site that gives customers a lot of information without losing them in difficult, repetitive, click-throughs. This new Web site is extremely easy to navigate and provides the reader valuable information on CNC technology."

The site features a technical section, customer testimonials and application stories that explain how real Techno customers have grasped automation technology and grown their business while lowering operating costs.

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