Students learn about tree harvesting


The Hardwood Forest Foundation’s Truth About Trees program recently took center stage at the International Surfaces Event in Las Vegas as 50 local schoolchildren from Thomas J. O’Roarke Elementary School learned the benefits of properly harvesting trees.

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This educational experience was the result of a partnership with National Wood Flooring Association and National Hardwood Lumber Association.

The students learned the benefits of properly harvesting as a means to obtain all of the necessary items we use in our everyday lives. In addition, they were treated to a pizza lunch and had the opportunity to chat with professionals in the hardwood lumber industry.

“I guarantee if you walk into any classroom in North America and ask the students how many of them think that it is bad to cut down a tree, most every child will raise their hand, as will most teachers,” said Tommy MacDonald, host of “Rough Cut: Woodworking with Tommy Mac” on PBS, who participated in the program. “The foundation works hard to change this image of the forest products industry through education and partnerships allow it to do it on a much grander scale.”

“It’s amazing what this program can teach young people in a short period of time through keeping them engaged with scientific resources and everyday common sense learning,” National Hardwood Lumber Association president and CEO Michael Martin said.

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