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Strap-Loc ties up loose ends

Bench Dog Tools introduced the Strap-Loc, a new device to wrap, secure and store lengths of strap from tie-downs, strap clamps, woodworking band clamps and more.

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The strap holders feature a design to keep straps neatly wound up and held in place. Strap-Loc can be used to secure extra lengths of strap during use, and they also provide an organized and compact storage solution, according to the company.

The design features a butterfly shaped body with slots for a strap up to 1" wide and wings to help keep the strap on center while it is wound around the body. When the strap is completely wound, there is an adjustable rubber cord with three tension stops that snaps into a built-in hook to secure varying lengths of strap.

The Strap-Loc is available at woodworking stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Suggested retail pricing is $5.99 per pair.

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