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ShopBot Tools expands

ShopBot opened its online resource,, to a wider community of makers, fabricators and designers.

The site connects people who have ideas about things they want made with others who can make those items using the design and production process of digital fabrication. The site provides resources for digital design and Web tools for finding help. The services of the site are free.

First launched in 2008 by ShopBot Tools and Ponoko, 100kGarages was expanded to include fabricators using all brands of CNC routers, laser cutters, and 3-D printers. 100kGarages now also invites designers to showcase projects and offer their services.

"We want to make it possible for creative people at any level of understanding of digital design or fabrication to take advantage of this great new technology for getting stuff made, small or large, items of a wide range of materials and styles, just one item or a short production run. If your idea is only at the 'napkin drawing' stage, you can use the site to learn about design software or find a designer to get your plans drawn up and ready for fabbing. It's a wide-open community that helps make making happen,” ShopBot founder Ted Hall said in a statement."

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