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ShopBot, Teknatool shine at AWFS

On the first day of the AWFS fair in Las Vegas, two new products stood out: ShopBot’s Handibot “smart” power tool and Teknatool’s DVR direct-drive motor.

The Handibot is a portable robotic power tool designed to enhance creativity and productivity at construction and remodeling job sites. It can be used to cut, drill, and carve in wood, plastic, and aluminum with computer-controlled precision.

"The Handibot tool delivers precision cutting, drilling, machining, and carving. That's because full-up CNC technology is operating behind the scenes,” ShopBot president Ted Hall said. “The Handibot tool features uncompromised components for open development and expansion of functionality."

"CNC tools are not usually thought of as job-site-friendly,” ShopBot developer David Bryan said. “With traditional industrial CNC, you have to take your material to the CNC tool. With the Handibot, you can bring the tool to the material, wherever you need to work."

Teknatool showcased its DVR direct-drive motor in a drill press, which essentially has an onboard computer to maintain a constant speed and torque. And since it is direct drive, there are no pulleys or belts. The motor can be a bolt on solution for existing machines, particularly lathes. The company says it is working on a number of projects independently and with other companies and expects to bring product to market in 2014.

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