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ShopBot adds education director

ShopBot Tools hired Randy Johnson, former editor-in-chief of American Woodworker magazine, as its director of education.

"We're so excited that Randy has chosen to join us,” ShopBot CEO Ted Hall said in a statement. “He's highly respected by fellow woodworkers. He has been a champion of CNC from the beginning, and an inspiration to businesses and schools working to integrate CNC technology into their shops and classrooms."

Chief among Johnson's duties will be to provide practical advice and information to the communities of ShopBot's and soon-to-launch is an online community where people with ideas for custom products connect with digital fabricators. will serve a similar function by connecting teachers with resources.

"This is a terrific opportunity to bring together my interests in technology, education and business and give something back,” Johnson said. “It’s important that industry help teachers adapt to new technologies. Teachers are a dedicated group, but also very busy. Through my goal is to help teachers integrate digital technology into their curriculum and to shorten the learning curve.

“In a similar way, will serve small businesses looking for ways to compete in the digital manufacturing economy that’s emerging in the U.S. For both teachers and entrepreneurs the new digital technologies provide an amazing opportunity to link high tech efficiency and precision with human creativity.”

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