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Sequoia Award winners honored at AWFS

Seven companies earned Sequoia Awards at the 2009 AWFS Vegas fair, which recognize and honor the creativity, quality and innovation of the best new offerings on the market. Entries are evaluated on quality, production impact, practicality and innovation.

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Häfele America Co. led the way with two awards, while Precision Casework, Accurate Technology, Delmac Machinery Group, Collins Cos., SCM Group and Mohawk Finishing Products scored one award apiece.

Product photos and descriptions of the winning entries included:

1. Aerofix 100, from Häfele America Co., is a solution to securely fasten hardware when building furniture out of lightweight panels. The Aerofix 100 is a manually installed insert - a self-contained glue capsule - that evenly distributes glue on the upper and lower cover layers during installation. Simultaneously, the insert spreads out and provides a mechanical force fit in addition to the strength of the glue bond, according to the company. For information, visit

2. Moovit Double-Wall Drawer System, also from Häfele America Co., has a 110-lb. weight capacity, making it suitable for residential, commercial and medical cabinets; as well as hotel and condominium projects. Moovit's interior drawer walls have a practical 90-degree angle, optimizing drawer space for the use of almost any cutlery tray or drawer insert. It is available in a champagne finish. For information, visit

3. Rapid Tool Locking System for Molders, from SCM Group, eliminates the need for lockdown wrenches and the "knuckle buster" experience. The system uses a combination of air pressure and simple hand strength to loosen or tighten a molder cutterhead. For information, visit

4. TRUE POSITION 2000 DRILL GUIDE, from Precision Casework, is a 48" template for drilling doors, drawers and shelf pin holes. It allows the user to drill holes before or after cabinet assembly and converts into a fully adjustable door and drawer jig that installs handles and knobs in seconds, according to the company. For information, visit

5. ProTable-CAB, from Accurate Technology, is a turnkey solution for quality control measurements of cabinet doors. Two ProScale measuring systems in an X-Y configuration allow nonskilled workers to make simultaneous dimensional measurements up to 40" x 60". The measuring table angle is adjustable from 15 to 55 degrees. The system is available in three standard configurations: ProTable CAB incorporates ProScale battery-operated LCD readouts on each measuring axis; ProTable-CAB V replaces LCD readouts with a touch-screen monitor and VDRO software; and ProTable-CAB S is a fully configured system that includes an industrial PC, wireless data transmission, an LCD touch-screen monitor and Accurate's new ProCAB QC software. Custom sizes, designs and configurations are available for unique measurement requirements, according to the company. For information, visit

6. Busellato CNC Router with Linear Flow Automated Load/Unload System, from Delmac Machinery Group, simultaneously loads a panel from a scissor lift on the right side of the machine while unloading finished parts to the left side of the machine and vacuuming table during the process. The system is offered with two levels of automation: In the standard mode, the operator stages the panel to be loaded by pushing it a few inches against reference pins. The vacuum engages and the machine starts automatically after loading. In the hands-free mode, the panel is staged automatically and the operator only unloads finished parts, according to the company. For information, visit

7. Pine FreeForm, from Collins Cos., is an FSC-certified particleboard made from wood waste and melamine-based resin with no added urea-formaldehyde. It is ideal for all laminating applications and can be used in cabinetry fixtures and desks, according to the manufacturer. For information, visit

8. Waterborne Finishing System, from Mohawk Finishing Products, includes pre-catalyzed lacquer, dye stains, pigmented wiping stains, glazes, bases and colorants. The system is Greenguard-certified, suitable for LEED credits and passes all KCMA testing with as little as two coats. They are free of formaldehyde, phthalate and lead, according to the company. For information, visit

This article originally appeared in the September 2009 issue.

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