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Seattle gallery shows off its best work

The Northwest Woodworkers’ Gallery of Seattle is hosting back-to-back exhibits: the fourth annual Rising Star Furniture Showcase runs through June 25 and the 2012 Members Showcase runs July 2 to Sept. 20.

The Rising Star exhibit features this "Vine Maple Chest" by Brett MacLearnsberry.

The gallery started as a cooperative in 1980 when a handful of studio furniture craftsmen within the Northwest Guild of Fine Woodworking decided local artisans needed a venue for presenting quality studio woodwork. The vision has matured into a community whose expertise, diversity and commitment to fine woodworking is continually making a lasting impact locally and beyond, according to the gallery.

Rising Star is a juried exhibition of studio-furniture makers new to the field, including Bruce Bamesberger, Brett Dearing, Jesse Fisher, Austin Heitzman, Scot Herries, Scott MacFarlane, Brett MacLearnsberry, Ben Oblas and Paul Piacitelli.

The jury, consisting of Spencer Horn, Aaron Levine, Grady Matthews and Stewart Wurtz, selected designs that exuded precision craftsmanship, innovative design and exemplary creativity.

"Bed Shadow" by Fred Eidan will be featured in the Members' Showcase exhibit in Seattle.

The members showcase will unveil new studio furniture designs by Judith Ames, Tom Deady, Tom and Jennifer Dolese, Fred Eiden, Curtis Erpelding, Gary Galbraith, Brad Gallahar, David Gray, Jonathan Kinsey, Greg Klassen, Aaron Levine, Hugh Montgomery, Seth Rolland, Rich Soborowicz and Stewart Wurtz.

Woodworkers Showcase

The Northeastern Woodworkers Association hosted its 21st annual Woodworkers Showcase March 31 and April 1 at the Saratoga Springs City Center in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

The show attracted almost 5,000 attendees. The guild has more than 1,000 members who help produce the show and display their work. The show floor offered a number of hands-on demonstrations, guest artists, local sawyers and more.

"School of Fish" by Judith Ames will be featured in the Members' Showcase exhibit in Seattle.

Next year’s Woodworkers Showcase is scheduled for March 23-24.


Northeastern Woodworkers Association, P.O. Box 246. Rexford, NY 12148.

Northwest Woodworkers’ Gallery, 2111 First Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. Tel: 206-625-0542.

This article originally appeared in the July 2012 issue.

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