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SawStop debuts accessories at AWFS

SawStop, a table saw manufacturer, introduced four new accessories at AWFS, including a floating dust collection guard, folding outfield table, large format sliding table and router table series.

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The floating dust collection guard provides user protection while removing table-top dust in both standard and non-through cuts.

The outfeed table is designed for easy adjustability and maximum glide, with strategically-placed rollers to smooth operation, according to the company. It is compatible with all SawStop cast-iron table saw mobile bases.

“The large-format sliding table ensures easy, repeatable operation,” the company said in a statement. “A rigid steel frame and 14 sealed, steel bearings ensure a reliable, smooth glide, and maximum adjustability affords both traditional and Euro configurations for a max crosscut of 70 inches."

The router table series includes floor-standing and benchtop models with a choice of cast iron or phenolic tables.

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