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SAPFM readies for June mid-year conference

The Society of American Period Furniture Makers will return June 25-27 to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in Lancaster, Pa., for its annualmid-year conference. Phil Lowe, Dave Lunin, Fred Wilbur and Don Williamswill share their expertise on a broad range of techniques.

Lowe, the society's 2005 Cartouche award winner and owner of the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts in Beverly, Mass., will tackle case construction and joinery. Lowe is a veteran of many of the organization's events.

Lunin, a local artisan producing both contemporary and traditional work, will demonstrate turning practices applicable to period work. Lunin began his woodworking career in 1986 at a small refinishing shop in New Jersey. After learning the basics of woodworking, he moved to Pennsylvania to pursue a career in fine furniture making. After spending 12 years studying and reproducing the finest examples of antique furniture, he opened his own shop in Lancaster. Lunin's specialty is turning between centers. He is a self-taught wood turner who has instructed many people on the finer points of wood turning.

Wilbur, an author and master carver, will share many personal and hard-learned carving techniques addressing both precision and speed to the carving process. Wilbur specializes in traditional decorative wood carving for commercial, ecclesiastical and residential architectural spaces. For nearly 30 years, he has worked with architects, preservationists, liturgical designers and millwork companies to produce architectural elements in a variety of styles. He received the Architectural Woodwork Institute's Award of Excellence in 2005.

Williams, senior conservator at The Smithsonian Institution, will demystify shellac and many of its nuances. Williams began working as a professional artisan in 1972, eventually opening his own furniture restoration shop and working as a foundry pattern maker before gravitating towards museum conservation.

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