Rockler rolls out carbide turning tools

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Rockler Woodworking and Hardware introduced full-size carbide turning tools, including round, square, diamond and square radius.

The tools are furnished with pre-sharpened carbide cutter heads that are ready to use right out of the package and that stay sharp longer than common steel heads, according to Rockler.

When the cutter becomes dull, the head can be rotated to a fresh, sharp edge, and can be replaced with a new cutter head when all edges have been worn down. The tools also feature solid ash handles encased in a rubber grip.

"These full size carbide turning tools make large turning projects much easier," Rockler vice president of product marketing Steve Krohmer said in a statement. "The handles are designed to give the turner lots of leverage and control, while providing a comfortable grip to reduce fatigue on the hands and wrists."

The tools retail for $99.99 each. Visit

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