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Rockler matches donations to Hardwood Forestry Fund

In recognition of seven years of continued partnership, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is announcing an effort to raise up to $15,000 in matched donations to the Hardwood Forestry Fund.

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Rockler will match private donations to the fund throughout April up to a total of $15,000. The financial contribution will help cover costs for some of the Hardwood Forestry Fund’s ongoing projects, including a 1,300-acre reforestation of the Thomas Darling Preserve in Monroe County, Pa., according to the company.

“Our partnership with the Hardwood Forestry Fund helps provide renewable timber sources for current and future generations of woodworkers,” Rockler vice president of marketing Scott Ekman said in a statement. “The work of the [the Hardwood Forestry Fund] is invaluable to the success of many hardwood forests across the United States and beyond, and we’re proud to do what we can to support their efforts.”

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