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Rockler introduces shop-vacuum hose reel

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware added the Dust Right shop vacuum hose reel, which mounts to a wall and holds up to 40' of standard 1-1?2" diameter shop vacuum hose.

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Made from steel and durable plastic, the hose reel features a tensioning knob that allows the user to control the rate of unwinding and a handle that makes rewinding the hose easy. Because the steel frame has mounting holes on top and bottom, the reel can be mounted to the wall with the handle on whichever side the user prefers. The holes are drilled 16" on center, according to the company.

A port on the outside of the hose reel accepts a 2-1/2" hose, while an interior port connects to a 1-1?2" hose. The hoses are sold separately.

The hose reel, item No. 52542, sells for $150.

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