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Pocket-sized push stick keeps safety within reach

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware introduced the Bench Dog Pocket Push Stick, a small push stick designed to fit in shop apron or pants pockets.

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"The Bench Dog Pocket Push Stick is a combination of safety and convenience," Rockler's Steve Krohmer said in a statement. "The fact that it fits in a pocket makes it a valuable safety asset that is always at hand. Larger push sticks are often left in the toolbox or vehicle on a job site, and people sometimes decide to perform dangerous cutting operations by hand instead of taking the time to go find their push stick. With the Bench Dog Pocket Push Stick, it's always within reach and that provides the opportunity to work safely every time."

The push stick is 93/4" long and made of durable polymer material that allows a little bit of give when it experiences stress in a pocket or a tool bag to keep the tool from breaking. The overmolded rubber handle is comfortable and easy to grip, adding to its function as a safety tool. The end of the body is notched like most push sticks to accommodate the 90-degree corners of wood stock and push it along power tools for precise cuts, keeping the user's hands out of danger, according to Rockler.

The push stick retails for $5.99 and can be purchased at

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