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Plywood production becomes a global pursuit

The global market for plywood is projected to reach 223.4 million cubic meters by 2022, driven by recovering construction activity in most countries worldwide; a rise in high-value and high-rise constructions; growing preference for plywood in interior design especially of floors, ceilings and walls; and a healthy furniture industry.

“Production of plywood is migrating from North America, Europe and South Asia to China. Quality and cost continue to drive plywood supply mix worldwide,” according to a report from Global Industry Analysts.

“In 2015, Russian plywood made its mark in international trade, particularly in the EU market, driven by relatively lower prices of Russian birch plywood. Anti-dumping duties and sustainability focused regulations are also impacting the sourcing of plywood. While various factors including price, quality and trade relations dictate trade routes, demand for plywood is expected to buoy with growing construction activity associated with improving economic growth.

“A major challenge for the plywood industry is the higher prices of plywood in comparison to OSB which provides benefits similar to plywood. OSB emerged in recent years as a major competitor to plywood, although the rate of substitution remains varied in different parts of the world.

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