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One-day workshop for improving lumber quality

North Carolina State University's Wood Products Extension, in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service's Wood Education and Resource Center, will hold a one-day workshop to update dry kiln operators so they can produce a higher quality product.

The workshop will be divided into two sessions. The morning session will focus on oak drying, including problems such as drying green and partially predried lumber as well as drying thicker stock. The afternoon session will emphasize drying white woods, including avoiding stain, stacking procedures that produce flat lumber, low temperature drying schedules that produce quality results and equalizing and conditioning that produce lumber that is flat and free of stress.

The workshop will be taught Sept. 22 at the Wood Education and Resource Center in Princeton, W.Va. The course is co-sponsored by the Southeastern Dry Kiln Club.

For information, contact Joe Denig, North Carolina State University, Campus Box 8003, Raleigh, NC 27695. Tel: 919-515-5582.

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