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NKBA debuts new non-design certification

The National Kitchen & Bath Association announced the launch of a new non-design certification called the certified kitchen and bath professional.

The certification program was developed to enable kitchen and bath professionals in all non-design segments of the industry to demonstrate their experience, education, and expertise. This universal certification was created in response to repeated requests from NKBA members for a certification path that would support builder/remodelers, distributors, fabricators, manufacturers’ representatives, and all other qualified professionals in our industry. This certification was developed through the efforts of two certification task forces, two third-party consulting agencies and the NKBA staff, executive committee and its board of directors, in addition to more than 1,000 NKBA members who participated in two surveys.

The certification is ideal for professionals who would like to demonstrate their level of knowledge, skill, dedication, and professionalism in the kitchen and bath industry. This certification complements the design certifications currently offered by the NKBA: associate kitchen and bath designer, certified kitchen designer, certified bathroom designer and certified master kitchen and bath designer.

“I want to stress the value of certification on all levels and to professionals in all segments of the kitchen and bath industry. The [certification program] was created for professionals to show their expertise and credibility as trade partners to kitchen and bath designers,” says 2011 NKBA president David Alderman. “The NKBA will continue working to gain awareness in the consumer market, and to convey the benefit of working with NKBA-certified designers. This certification completes the professional team—a certification for members of industry segments such as decorative plumbing and hardware, cabinet shops, installers, manufacturers, and retailers. The NKBA is excited to offer a new certification that ultimately benefits all segments in the industry.”

In order to sit for this multiple-choice exam, the applicant must have at least five years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry and 40 hours of NKBA-approved education. Previous NKBA certifications will be credited toward NKBA educational hours.

The certified kitchen and bath professional curriculum is broken down in the following areas: residential construction (30 percent), general business knowledge (26 percent), materials and products knowledge (25 percent) and project management (19 percent).

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