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Ninth annual Texas Furniture Makers Show on tap

The ninth annual Texas Furniture Makers Show is scheduled for Oct. 23 through Dec. 6 at Kerr Arts and Cultural Center in Kerville, Texas. This juried exhibition will feature approximately 75 handcrafted pieces by top furniture makers throughout Texas.

“The purpose of the show is to showcase the work of Texas furniture makers and have them learn from each other and get critical feedback from the judges,” says show chairman Jim Derby. “Our objective is to improve the quality of Texas furniture making, and introduce the furniture makers to potential customers who will buy their work and give them commissions”.

Judges for this year’s show include furniture maker Michael C. Fortune of Ontario, Canada; Asa Christiana, editor of Fine Woodworking magazine; and Paul Sellers, dean of the Homestead Heritage Woodworking School of Woodworking in Waco, Texas.

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