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New Stair Gauge Set from Woodpeckers


Northeast Ohio tool manufacturer, Woodpeckers, recently introduced a four-piece Stair Gauge Set.

“Carpenters have been using stair gauges on framing squares for over a hundred years, but one of the Woodpeckers team started using them on triangular carpenter’s squares a few years ago and shared the idea in a few product videos,” the company explained. “With several such squares in the Woodpeckers line-up, it was a no-brainer to add their own spin on the stair gauge. Woodpeckers Stair Gauges make repetitive angle marking quick and easy with their popular DelVe Squares, their new SkillSquares, any brand of speed square and traditional framing squares.

“In addition to the traditional 1/4" depth, the set includes a pair of 3/4" depth Stair Gauges. The longer set ensures accurate marking on construction lumber with large round-overs and wany edges. Also included is a wall-mountable Rack-It to keep the stair gauges stored in plain sight, instead of hiding in the bottom of a drawer or toolbox.”

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