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New sanding booths from Servair

Servair introduces its new range of sanding booths for furniture and kitchen cabinet manufacturing.

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The booths provide a consistent clean working zone for the operator and the rest of the shop from sanding, routing and cutting stations, according to the company.

“The booths provide over 27 air changes per minute in the immediate vicinity of a typical work station, aggressively removing and containing airborne dust particles. Each installation has proven superior to conventional and costly bag houses and ductwork which are only marginally effective in controlling the dust from these work stations,” the company states in a release.

The booths are self-cleaning on an automatic, adjustable cycle, where the collected dust is shed off the filter with a reverse pulse-clean feature. Exhaust air is twice filtered to MERV 15 and returned to the shop with no need of outside air make-up, according to the company.

Each booth is shipped fully assembled and factory tested to minimize installation time, requiring only a small amount of compressed air and electrical power to operate. Standard models are available in 6’, 9’ and 12’ widths.

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