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New hinge by Blum quickens installation process


Blum has introduced the Compact Clip, its newest innovation for face frame cabinetry.

“Embodying more than 50 years of innovations, Compact Clip by Blum eases installation with its clip-on technology and three-dimensional adjustability,” the company said. “Designed specifically for face frame cabinets, the Compact Clip hinge allows doors to be easily removed and reattached to speed up processes either on the assembly line or during field installation.

“Featuring a clean and modern look, Compact Clip has integrated soft-close Blumotion that is available in a full range of overlays. Add angle restriction clips to limit the opening angle to keep doors from bumping into adjoining surfaces.

“With our new built-in cam height adjustment, installers will always have the maximum adjustment range without having to loosen a screw from the frame to reposition the door. Depth and side-to-side adjustments are also available, with markings stamped on the hinge near their corresponding screw.

“The hinge comes pre-attached to the mounting plate to make installation familiar and quick. Doors can then be easily removed by pressing down on the Clip lever and sliding forward to release from the mounting plate. No matter how many times the hinge is removed from the mounting plate, the adjustments will remain at the factory setting.”

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