New CNC work center from Vitap, Atlantic Machinery

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Vitap and Atlantic Machinery are presenting an improved version of their compact CNC machine, the Point K2.

“The Point K2 is a true CNC work center, capable of performing the same duties as a full-fledged, conventional CNC router, for less money and space requirements,” the companies said in a statement.

“The main difference of the Point K2 from other similar compact CNC machines is that operations can be carried out without any set up time. It is a revolutionary CNC working center that allows for cutting, drilling, grooving, milling, and routing operations. All of these processes can be achieved without the need to reset the parts hold-down systems, resulting in zero set up time. This is due to the unique, patented Constant Contact Clamping System which ensures a continuous, uninterrupted operation.”

The Point K2 is available in1250mm and 920mm widths.

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