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New CNC dovetail machines from Castaly

Dovetail CNC

Castaly presents to new CNC dovetail machines with different pre-programmed production profiles.

Model CNC-600NC includes modules for English, French blind, and threading dovetail joints. Modell CNC-700-NC has three extra modules for English One and English Two dovetail joints, and parallel indent straight cut (beehive type) fingers joints.

“The preprogram movement can do a complete cutting cycle,” the company said in a statement. “Operators can choose the production profile according to orders, and it is able to change or design the wood materials variously, set the working speed, sizes of tenons and mortises, intervals by the HMI. The profiles can be saved for reusing.”

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Castaly presents new CNC dovetail machines

Castaly recently introduced two new CNC dovetail machines with different pre-programmed production profiles.

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