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N.H. groups team for new certification

The New Hampshire Institute of Furniture Making in Manchester, N.H., the non-profit teaching arm of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association, has formed a partnership with the New Hampshire Institute of Art to establish a certificate in furniture making.

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Offered in conjunction with NHIFM’s Studio-Based Learning Program, the certificate program requires interested students to enroll in a series of mandatory studio and lecture courses at the institute.

“The institute is delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with members of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters to offer this new certification program in furniture making,” says Patrick McCay, academic dean for the New Hampshire Institute of Art. “The Granite State has a long and venerable tradition in fine furniture making, and the Furniture Masters are among our most respected artisans; so, it’s exciting to join with them in educating the next generation of studio furniture makers.”

Instructors in NHIFM’s Studio-Based Learning Program include furniture makers David Lamb, Jere Osgood and Jon Brooks.

“The Furniture Masters’ Studio-Based Learning Program is a dynamic apprenticeship that offers students the opportunity to work in a wide range of Furniture Masters’ studios across the state, thereby gaining experience with a diverse range of furniture design techniques in an actual workshop environment,” says Trish Anderson-Soule, executive director of the NHFMA.

“By joining forces with the New Hampshire Institute of Art’s certificate program, we believe that we can offer students an additional edge in their professional development by enabling them to avail themselves of the valuable studio and lecture courses offered at the institute. It’s a great partnership and, we believe, a winning combination.”

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This article originally appeared in the October 2008 issue.

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