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Makita touts miter saw’s versatility

If you're looking for a miter saw that can be a workhorse in the shop and versatile on the job site, Makita might have the answer.

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The company has recently introduced its new 12" dual-slide compound miter saw, model LS1216L. The saw is touted for its superior cutting capacity, accuracy, versatility and durability for a range of uses.

"This is an ideal saw for precision tasks in woodworking shops, as well as for cutting large materials like 4" x 16" beams and wide boards up to 15"," says Joe Soto, Makita's product manager.

The saw features the company's deep and exact cutting technology, simplified by the acronym DXT. Basically that translates to a very large cross- and crown-molding cutting capacity, and micro-adjustment features for miter and bevel cuts.

It can crosscut a 15" board at 90 degrees and a 10-1/2" board at 45 degrees (left or right) and handle nested crown molding up to 8" and vertical baseboard up to 6-1/2", according to Makita.

"The saw has a patented four-steel rail sliding system that allows for more support on the rear end of the tool, which allows us to have less deflection and be more accurate," says Soto. "There are also six linear bearings that eliminate the need for adjustments. Some manufacturers use bushings in lieu of bearings [but] bushings have to be adjusted time to time while bearings don't - they're completely sealed."

The saw is powered by a 15-amp motor, with soft start and electronic speed control features and a direct-drive gearbox.

Makita says its 5-1/2" tall dual-sliding fence system offers upper and lower fence adjustments for precise miter and bevel cuts. The saw's independent laser indicates the line of cut whether the blade is turning or not, with an on-off switch and micro-adjustment capability for left- or right-of-blade cutting.

The saw, which weighs 58 lbs., sells for $679 with a 60-tooth carbide-tipped blade. It's also available with a mobile stand as model LS1216LX.

Contact: Makita U.S.A. Tel: 800-462-5482.

- Jennifer Hicks

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