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Major manufacturers will return to AWFS

Several major machinery manufacturers, including Stiles Machinery, Biesse America, C.R. Onsrud and Weinig, have agreed to exhibit at this summer's AWFS fair in Las Vegas, according to the trade show's organizers.

Other recently signed exhibitors include SCM Group North America, Häfele America, Blum, Timesavers, Salice, Thermwood, Planit Solutions and Grass America.

Stiles and Biesse, most notably, skipped the 2009 AWFS fair and last summer's IWF in Atlanta. Their participation in this year's event is being hailed as a sign that the economic downturn's affect on the industry is finally over.

"The fact that many exhibitors have decided to return, including several that have sat out an entire show cycle, is an extremely encouraging sign for the industry," says Joan Kemp, president of AWFS board of directors, in a release. "Ultimately, those that will benefit the most will be our attendees. In the end, that's what truly matters and we couldn't be happier."

The AWFS provided the following comments from returning exhibitors:

"We are encouraged by what we have seen over the past several months," says John Gangone, president of SCM Group North America. "Business has steadily gotten better and shops are definitely getting busier. We are looking forward to the AWFS fair this summer, where we have historically met highly qualified attendees."

"There are indications that 2011 will be better for our industry as a whole and that we have collectively begun to turn the corner," says Jason Howell, president of Weinig USA. "We are excited to be there for our customers, and we appreciate the opportunity that

"It makes economic sense for us to return to the AWFS fair," says David Rothwell, executive vice president of Stiles. "We have missed participating in the major trade shows for the past two years and we are excited to reunite with the industry in Las Vegas this summer."

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