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Lumber association offers advanced walnut grading course

The National Hardwood Lumber Association, in collaboration with Purdue University and the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Association, scheduled a two-day advanced lumber grading course on walnut at the Southeast Purdue Agriculture Center in Butlerville, Ind.

The course is designed for those with a prior understanding of the NHLA standard grading system. The class will specifically target the complex rules for grading one of the hottest and the most valuable species in the hardwood marketplace.

The instructor for the course is veteran NHLA national inspector Benji Richards. The curriculum includes a range of topics imperative to understanding the complex set of rules for grading this species. The topics include, but are not limited to, 8’ and longer rules, defect grading rules, identifying standard defects, remanufacturing and simulated board runs.

The cost for the course is $250 for NHLA members and $350 for non-NHLA members. For information, visit

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