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Leitz introduces planer head

The Leitz VariPlan Plus, an adaptation of the VariPlan planer head, is designed to bring the advantages of the company’s award-wining RipTec technology to the broad-based molder/planing market.

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Using the RipTec knife technology for pre-planing or integrating with smooth knives, VariPlan Plus increases the smoothness of rustic and even difficult-to-machine woods, while decreasing the prevalence of chipping, according to the company.

As with the original VariPlan design, solid HS or carbide knives are reversible and can be sharpened up to six times without changing diameter. VariPlan Plus is available in standard Z2 or Z4 configurations, with lengths from 100 to 310 mm and various diameter and bore dimensions, including HSK85W, for most machines.

The Leitz VariPlan Plus planer head is up for a Challengers Award at IWF 2012.

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