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Laguna launches CNC forum

Laguna Tools added an online forum devoted strictly to its CNC machines.

The new discussion board allows Laguna CNC users from around the world, along with Laguna Tools' CNC experts, to share information and learn more about their machines, whether their interests are technical, operational or software-related, according to the company.

The new forum will also allow users to display their latest projects, learn how other owners use their machines, share tips and tricks and much more. The forum already includes subject areas such as discussion topics, setups, videos, FAQ, tips and tricks, a file vault (where users can exchange files) and updates on new CNC releases.

New topics will be added based on member requests and suggestions.

"There is a learning curve that accompanies the use of a CNC machine. We're happy to provide this forum to take some of the steepness out of that curve and to allow the many users of our machines to communicate together,” Laguna vice president Catherine Helshoj said in a statement.

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