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Joe the Pro’s blog gets a remodel

The Bosch-sponsored "Joe the Pro" construction industry blog has a new Web address (, format and capabilities for users, including a lineup of guest contributors and a product promotions space.

" is a destination for construction professionals and advanced DIYers looking for new information and new ideas about construction techniques, tools, equipment - just about anything that affects the construction professional. This is a community for construction pros," says Joe Sainz, the Bosch training manager who embodies Joe the Pro, in a news release. "Our job is to ensure people have access to the details and the professionals they need in striving for better results. We want visitors to our blog to have an easy way to ask questions, an easy way to participate." is actually a group of social media entities, including a blog, Facebook and Twitter, updated on a regular basis.

"It's important that we keep the information moving and that everything is topical," says Sainz. "The goal is to ensure that people feel empowered to take part in these discussions. We want everyone to contribute and feel like this is their community - a place for construction professionals and people interested in the building industry."

The new blog posts include embedded video, photos, sound files and other information. Visitors can comment on posts from Joe, guest bloggers and others who make comments.

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