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IWF is “alive and well,” according to producer

Despite recent announcements by longtime exhibitors that they will not exhibit at IWF 2010 in Atlanta, the producer of the year's biggest industrial woodworking trade show says the show, scheduled for Aug. 25-28 at the Georgia World Congress Center, will go on.

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"There have been numerous reports and much speculation lately about IWF 2010. I want to report to you that IWF 2010 is alive and well," writes Patrick LaFramboise, president and CEO of the IWF, in a letter to attendees. "We have over 700 exhibitors currently in the show and that list will continue to grow in the coming months.

"The purpose of IWF is to promote the industry and provide a platform for suppliers in the industry to make their products available to the industry in a face-to-face environment. IWF is also where industry professionals get the education they need through our conference program. Most importantly, IWF is the meeting point for the industry. There is no substitute for the value of networking with your peers in the environment of a trade show.

"We know that your company has felt the financial burden of this economy and has had to make very difficult business decisions. Trade shows such as IWF generate ideas, provide answers to everyday challenges and provide hope as an industry comes together to build a brighter future.

"Let me tell you about a company from Texas that came to IWF 2004. They were down to their last dollar and thought they might have to close down their shop. They invested their time and money and attended IWF to network, meet with their peers, look for products and find ways to keep their business alive. Even though they didn't buy anything that year, they came away with new business ideas for their company and later on became one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. This is just one example of the importance of face-to- face events.

"We value your continued support of IWF and we know the sacrifices you have made in this economy. We hope that you will attend IWF. Literally thousands of products will be on display, thousands of your peers will be in attendance, and there will be more educational sessions than ever before that will provide helpful ideas and solutions to your challenges.

"IWF is working with the Atlanta hospitality industry to ensure that the cost for food and entertainment will be less than it cost to attend IWF 2008. In the coming months you will see on our Web site a variety of discounts from our hospitality program that will benefit our attendees and exhibitors by just showing their badge.

"We're all in this together and, be assured, attending IWF will give your business the best opportunity to succeed. Please continue to visit our Web site,, for an up-to-date list of exhibitors, products and educational programs."

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