Hi Tech Veneer becomes Diversified Wood Products

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Hi Tech Veneer in Jeffersonville, Ind. has. changed its name to Diversified Wood Products to better reflect the vast array of products and services available to customers and the company’s renewed commitment to expand its offerings to the architectural and aircraft markets.

“We are creating something special and compelling here,” Tim Griffin, the company’s president, said in a statement. “In order to accomplish our strategic mission to grow both our customer base and product expertise, we didn’t believe our name captured the essence of who and what we wanted to be as a company.”

“Throughout the entire order process our common focus will remain on delivering a customer-first experience. With this mindset, we can assist our customers and partners in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge in their respective markets. Knowing that we consistently deliver on our promises and that we are a trusted partner allows them to manage their own businesses more effectively.”

For more, visit www.diversifiedwp.com.

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