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Group formed to develop global machinery standards

The Woodworking Machinery Industry Association entered into a partnership agreement with the American National Standards Institute to administer a new U.S./Technical Advisory Group, an international committee developing global standards for woodworking machinery.

The committee’s major focus will be to ensure that International Organization for Standardization standards are harmonized with existing ANSI standards, according to the WMIA.

“The mission of the US/TAG is to thoroughly review the ISO standards for woodworking machines and produce an ISO standard which can later be nationally adopted as an ANSI-approved American National Standard, committee chairman Mark Craig said in a statement.

“We firmly believe that harmonizing U.S. and ISO standards will benefit the entire industry including machinery manufacturers, both domestic and abroad, as well as end users,” WMIA president John Park added.

Under the agreement, the WMIA will provide funding and technical support for the effort and ANSI will serve as the US/TAG administrating body, managing the day-to-day operations of the committee and providing process and procedural guidance.

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