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Grizzly adds pair of cyclones

Grizzly Industrials presents two new cyclone dust collectors with low noise levels.

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“Whereas most dust collectors this size operate at a minimum of 80-82 dB, the G0777 and G0777HEP can collect even the biggest shavings without exceeding 70-72 dB due to its slow-speed motor and large impeller,” the company said in a statement.

Both models also feature a compact profile on a sturdy mobile frame, a pleated filter system, an internal filter-cleaning brush system, 880 CFM airflow, a built-in remote control switch, and a mobile 26-gallon (G0777) or 35-gallon (G0777HEP) collection drum.

The G0777HEP comes with a dual-filtration HEPA filter system.

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