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Goliath CNC goes on sale

The Goliath is a portable CNC machine.

The Goliath is a portable CNC machine.

The Goliath CNC, a portable and autonomous CNC machine from Springa, is available for pre-order from the manufacturer’s website.

Designed to be positioned directly on a flat work surface, the Goliath offers similar dimensions to that of a desktop machine with the boundless working area of a stationary machine, according to the company. The concept was born in 2014 when Springa co-founder Lorenzo Frangi wanted to focus on digital fabrication tools for a thesis project.

“Usually, the work area of CNC desktop milling machines is as wide as an A4 paper sheet, so designers, makers, and DIY lovers can’t realize medium or big size objects, like a stool or a chair. On the other hand, the traditional and professional CNC machines allow manufacturing wide surfaces, but they have a high footprint, are bulky, heavy and expensive. Goliath is the ideal solution for makers looking to create at scale,” says the company.

The Goliath is mounted on an aluminum frame with a plastic housing and three sets of omnidirectional wheels. It’s about 16” wide, 16” long, 12” high and weighs 33 lbs.

A patented sensor system continuously updates the position of the machine relative to its work area at 100 times a second, ensuring a target accuracy of .0004”. The maximum work area is 9.8’ x 8.5’, according to the company.

Included with the with machine is Slingshot, a custom-designed CAM software that generates the cutting path.

The Goliath CNC has a pre-order price of $3,900.

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This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue.

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