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Gallon-sized finish mixer from Rockler

Rockler introduced a gallon-sized version of its Mixing Mate Paint Lid, featuring a mixing turbine, hand crank and sealed rim to eliminate drips and spills.

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“Mixing Mate provides a better way to prepare, use, and store paint and finishing products," Rockler vice president of product development Steve Krohmer said in a statement. “It eliminates the frustration of prying off dented, crusty lids and mixing until your hand is numb with a messy stir stick that will be thrown away. And since the spout pours with pinpoint accuracy and no drips, you can leave your funnel on the shelf."

Each Mixing Mate Paint Lid features four cam locks that create a tight seal to the can, eliminating spills. After the lid is locked, the user simply cranks the handle for approximately 30 seconds in the clockwise direction to completely mix the paint or finish. The pouring handle features a spring-loaded thumb trigger for pouring with one hand.

Mixing Mate can be transferred to other paint and finish cans for re-use. It retails for $19.99. Visit

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