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Freud debuts Thin Kerf Premium Fusion saw blade

Freud America introduced its new Thin Kerf Premium Fusion saw blade at IWF 2010 in Atlanta, which combines the features of the company's Full Kerf Premier Fusion blade with a thinner kerf design to enhance the performance of underpowered saws while saving on material waste, according to the company.

Freud says this new blade requires less horsepower and feeds faster than its full kerf blades, but there is no sacrifice in performance.

The company's patent-pending "Fusion" tooth geometry combines a special double side grind shape with a Hi-ATB design. This produces a smooth finish to the side of each cut and a chip-free cut to the top and bottom surfaces, making it ideal for both ripping and cross-cutting applications, according to Freud.

The blade also features a new anti-vibration design and non-stick Perma-Shield coating for protection against corrosion, gumming and pitch buildup.

"With the new Thin Kerf Premier Fusion saw blade, you can take your portable and contractor table saws to the next level with a blade that delivers flawless cross cuts, rip cuts and sheet good cuts," says Russell Kohl, president and CEO of Freud America.

Contact: Freud America. Tel: 800-472-7307.

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