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IWF 2020: Challengers Awards entries

This year’s entries for the IWF 2020 Challengers Awards include 47 products or technologies from 40 exhibitors.

Accuride International
Senseon Plus, a modular, electronic, keyless locking system for doors, drawers, and display cases that uses radio-frequency identification technology

Apollo Sprayers
Precision-5 Pro Limited Edition, part of the company’s series of five-stage turbine systems. Features include adjustable pressure control and the Handi-Hold Spray Gun Docking Station.

Bacci America
Master Pro multi-table dual spindle CNC machining center with robotic feeding for shaping and sanding outside profiles of cabinet doors.

125KHZ RFID Card Lock, a proximity access control and ID management system.

Bill’s Custom Trim
Chatternator add-on and stand-slone profile sanders, featuring a sanding head to remove chatter marks from moldings. One version attaches to a molder for simultaneous sanding and molding operations. There’s also a portable unit.

Easy-Assembly App includes updated installation information with animated graphics and full instruction videos.

Burkle North America /EFI
Cubik Mineral Inks to stain and decorate solid cabinet and furniture hardwoods, specifically created for wood inkjet printing.

C.R. Onsrud
Osync Machine Analytics Version 3.3, an analytical software platform that allows owners and managers to keep an eye on their shops remotely.

CNC Factory
Python XPR, a fifth-generation CNC machine with ‘driverless’ controls so users can program at the machine and select cabinets and components to cut using the control center HD touch screen.

Colonial Saw
Lamello Cabineo 8 M6 connectors for nested-based cabinet manufacturing. Cabineo connectors are tapped into the routed pocket and then join cabinet components together by screwing into a mating 5mm shelf pin hole with nearly 200 lbs. of clamping force. The new 8 M6 version uses a metal helical insert or may be fastened directly into a tapped hole in metal furniture or fixture components.

Crow’s Nest Software
A project management and ERP (enterprise resource planning) software platform solution specifically developed for the woodworking industry.

Eagle Machinery & Supply Co.
Strait-line gang rip saw featuring movable and fixed blade options.

Federal Brace
Versa Bracket, a solution for mounting of commercial work surfaces.

LightPos LED for vacuum pod positioning on Format4 CNC machining centers; GlueBox Glue System for the Format4 TemporaF600 edgebander, and the Preventative Contact System (PCS) for Felder sliding table panel saws designed to prevent injury. When the risk of an accident is detected, PCS triggers the lowering of the saw blade under the saw table at the speed of light, according to the company.

OptiFlex Pro, a line of powder spray equipment and guns.

Guffey Systems
A material handling system consisting of overhead rail in the spray booth and assortment of hangars and mobile racks for moving components through the stages of the finishing process.

 Hafele’s Ixconnect

 Hafele’s Ixconnect

Oneida’s Supercell and two-stage kit.

Oneida’s Supercell and two-stage kit.

Oneida’s Supercell and two-stage kit.

Oneida’s Supercell and two-stage kit.

 MicroJig’s dovetail clamp

 MicroJig’s dovetail clamp

Häfele America
Free Space, a flap fitting that gives cabinets a smooth and silent operation and features soft-close; Connect Mesh that allows users to operate and customize Hafele products throughout the home, and Ixconnect Claw Connector, a one-piece fitting to connect wooden drawers.

Hymmen Gmbh
Digital lacquer embossing (DLE) to provide a digitally applied UV protective lacquer to a wood surface, such as flooring.

ICA North America
S-MATT, a line of coatings to create high-performance, ultra-matte surfaces for interior furnishings, while maintaining a lower VOC content compared to UV conventional coatings, according to the company.

IFS Coatings
PureClad powder coatings for wood with no solvents, VOCs, toxic compounds or dangerous substances, according to the company.

Kanefusa USA
Eco Enshin Knife, an economical micro carbide-tipped cutter knife that saves up to 93 percent of carbide compared to a full solid carbide knife, according to the manufacturer.

Kundig/Weinig Holz-Her
Kundig Cados.

MB Maschinenbau GmbH
Roba Fusion double-end tenoner for the milling of edges of furniture and interior doors.

MatchFit Dovetail Clamp AP featuring “anti-pivot” technology that prevents the clamp arm from pivoting and dropping when switching workpieces in repetitive processes.

Next Wave Automation
Virtual Zero Unlimited, software that allows a user to map the entire surface of their material by taking an unlimited number of reference points. The program then uses these points to adjust the G-code to conform to the actual surface of that material. It eliminates problems caused by warped or bowed workpieces and allows the user to maintain a constant cutting depts on intricately shaped projects which would usually require the creation of a CAD 3D model., according to the company.

Northtech Machine
L5 No Air Lock, a touch-activated straight-line rip saw fence.

Ogden Group
Robot Random Length Veneer Feeder to compose random lamellas lengths onto a continuous plywood core.

Oneida Air Systems
10” single-phase rotary air lock valve; BenchTop Dust Collector that delivers up to 535 cfm; Dust Deputy Bagger Cyclone Separator Kit, which updates any make and model wet/dry vacuum into a two-stage dust control system with a patented cyclone separator, and Supercell High-Pressure Dust Collector featuring a HEPA-certified filter media, according to the company.


Portable jobsite spray booth. Can be set up by one person in 15 minutes and provides five-sided coverage with an open front, according to the company.

PaintLine’s portable jobsite spray booth.

PaintLine’s portable jobsite spray booth.

Peak Tool Works
Endurance diamond finger joint cutters.

Pillar Machine
HP5D, designed to machine parts used in TFL (thermally fused laminate), TFM (thermally fused melamine), paper wrapped, vinyl wrapped or thermofoil doors. The model is a horizontal point to point bore and dowel insertion and panel groove machining center, according to the company.

Pressing Developments
Kora, a sustainable unfinished veneer paneling for furniture, cabinetry, commercial millwork and more, according to the company.

Supreme American, a soft-close concealed cabinet hinge.

Floating shelf bracket featuring a double-headed lag bolt that slots into the brackets for adjustability and strength.

TigerSaw Miter XL for fast and accurate cuts of custom mitered parts.

TopLine Inc.
The Blind Stapler, a pneumatic staple gun for attaching face frames.

Ekadiamond, abrasive sponges with a flexible foam backing for sanding curves, contours, moldings and complex profiles.

AddVantage chop and rip saw optimizer with Deep Learning artificial intelligence, designed to detect a variety of flaws in rough lumber.

Valinge Innovation
Threespine, RTA furniture hardware.

A5615 stile and rail machine. 

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