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Felder drops fee for selling used machinery

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Felder Group USA announced in May that, its website for selling used machinery, is now commission-free and has a self-serve platform.

“In the past, whenever someone would like to upload a used machine, they’d have to contact us and we’d upload it for them. But we’d take 10 percent of the initial fee of the sold price. Now we’ve gotten rid of all that, so they don’t need to contact Felder. They can just log in like they normally do to look at machines, and they upload the machine they’re trying to sell,” says Bryan Olvera of Felder’s marketing department.

Now, with new update, sellers keep 100 percent of the final purchase and are not limited to selling only Felder Group machinery.

“It could be another brand, it doesn’t matter,” says Olvera. “Before, we only worked with Felder customers, who also buy from other competitors. There was never anything in writing about not using other brands, but they just assumed only Felder machines could go up there. But it can be any kind.”

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This article was originally published in the July 2022 issue.

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