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Farr GS4M Mini designed for small shops

The new GS4M Mini dust and fume collector from Farr Air Pollution Control delivers high performance for small airflow applications, according to the company. Designed for airflow applications up to 2,000 CFM, the GS4M incorporates many features of Farr's premium Gold Series cartridge collectors, making it ideal for medium-sized woodworking shops, says product manager Drew Dickey.

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"Based on feedback from our advertising on the larger versions, we noticed we were getting hits from smaller shops and realized there was opportunity within markets that we could not fulfill just because the units were too large. Some of the smaller shops were in need of a smaller collector," says Dickey.

The GS4M collector uses a 3-hp fan motor that runs at 1,800 rpm and has a silencer to keep the noise under 70dB, according to the company. The compact machine is about 95' tall and has a 38" x 44-1/2" footprint.

The GS4M has a base price of $13,000, which varies depending on how the machine is accessorized. The unit comes fully assembled and pre-wired, complete with controls, motor starter, filters and cleaning system. It can be ordered to run on single or 3-phase power.

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