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Education part of Apollo-Woodcraft deal

Understanding how a tool works is the key to ensuring its optimum performance. With that in mind, Apollo HVLP International Inc., included an educational component in its new relationship with Woodcraft Supply LLC, according to the two companies.

Apollo, a manufacturer of HVLP turbine systems, and Woodcraft recently became retail partners. Woodcraft will sell Apollo products at 24 retail stores, in its catalog and online at Apollo will offer in-store staff training in HVLP technology and the use of its sprayers at participating Woodcraft stores, as well as provide support for Woodcraft's technical and customer service staffs.

In addition to Apollo's regular products, two accessory packages designed specifically for woodworkers will be available exclusively at Woodcraft.

"Woodcraft is pleased to partner with Apollo to offer its innovative products to our customers and to make their considerable HVLP expertise available to our store personnel and other staff, which will in turn benefit our customers," Woodcraft president Jeff Forbes said in a release.

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