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Donaldson launches dust-collection products website

The Donaldson Co., a manufacturer of filtration systems, has launched a new website that focuses on the company's award-winning Torit PowerCore CP and TG series dust collectors.

"The website is an effective, user-friendly way for us to communicate with and serve our air filtration customers," says Tom Scalf, the company's general manager of Industrial Filtration Solutions Americas.

"The site is an excellent vehicle for current and prospective customers to quickly learn more about the benefits of our Torit PowerCore dust collectors and filter packs, get answers to frequently asked questions, read case studies on how each model of dust collector has delivered solutions in specific industries, and contact sales and service. The navigation is simple so that users can easily identify each of the markets that the individual PowerCore series collector serves, and the site is loaded with valuable information. We trust our customers will find it helpful."

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