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DMT presents award to North Bennet graduate

Diamond Machining Technology established an award for excellence in craftsmanship, given to a graduate of Boston’s North Bennet Street School.

The first recipient is Ryan Fini, a graduate in the school’s violin-making and repair program.

According to department chairman Roman Barnas, Fini is one of the program’s best students and deserves recognition for his efforts, abilities and leadership.

“During class Ryan is very attentive, reliable and diligent. Beyond this, he is exceptionally talented, creative and motivated. And he is a natural leader,” Barnas said in a statement. “Ryan leads projects that are not typically part of the program but are highly educational and fun for the students. He has been very active and dedicated, and has consistently volunteered to help with extracurricular projects and studies in historical instrument making methods. He is always helpful and supportive to the other students.

“The violin-making class gathering and NBSS graduation were wonderful. And being able to personally present the award to Ryan was very meaningful. It’s such a pleasure to support this outstanding young man and to feel a genuine connection with the artisanship that our products support.”

The award included a gift of $1,000 and complimentary DMT sharpening products.

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