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DeWalt launches new FlexTorq screw-driving bits

DeWalt recently announced the introduction of its new line of FlexTorq screw-driving bits accompanied by an innovative 10X Magnetic Screw Lock System.

The new FlexTorq design allows bits to flex up to 15 degrees to withstand the most aggressive fastening applications and features oversized wings to provide the best fit between the fastener and the bit tip.

“We found that the most important feature for end users is the fit of a fastener to a bit tip. This helps to prevent stripped screws,” product manager Patrick Guillory said in a statement. “Other features that end users were looking for include fastener retention, life, and accessibility in tight or difficult spaces.”

The 10X Magnetic Screw Lock System minimizes drops and reduces wobbling by utilizing a powerful magnet to lock the fastener in place on the bit tip. The 10X Magnetic Screw Lock System will include a new rapid load holder, and a collar that fits onto 2”, 3.5”, and 6” FlexTorq* power bits.

The FlexTorq screw driving bits and 10X Magnetic Screw Lock System are available anywhere DeWalt products are sold.

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