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Delta ready to roll out improved Unisaw

It’s fair to say Delta has been very deliberate in its redesign of the Unisaw. Six years of engineering, testing and research have gone into the new 10”, left-tilt table saw, scheduled for release in April.

“It was strongly user-driven and the processes it took to make such a dramatic change in the design, particularly in the trunnion, took some time to get it right,” says Delta product manager Michael Boie. “And the market changed. We saw dust collection become extremely important, particularly in the last four years. Guarding also became a very important piece of this saw so we had to slow things down a little bit because we wanted to make sure we launched a saw with what we feel is the best, easiest-to-use guard in the marketplace.

“We sure wish we did it faster, but we’re happy that it took a little bit longer because we know for sure it’s right.”

The new Unisaw features a single-cast or one-piece trunnion, the assembly that holds a saw’s arbor to the underside of the table.

Both the blade height and bevel cranks have been positioned in the front of saw, surrounding a speedometer-style bevel gauge. There’s a locking mechanism in the center of each crank, activated by a smooth twisting motion.

The saw also features an enlarged cast-iron tabletop. The new Unisaw has an extra 15” in front of the blade, intended to provide greater control when cutting sheet goods. Delta says it also made the space behind the blade wider and deeper for increased stability when running large pieces of wood through the saw.

The new Delta Unisaw also comes with a Biesemeyer T-Square fence system, which now features a hairline pointer, built-in tape measure and improved cam lock, a Biesemeyer 4’ x 44” outfeed table, and a 50-tooth combination blade.

The Unisaw has a base price of $2,999.

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— Tod Riggio

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