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Delta offers Timber Wolf blades

Delta introduced a line of band-saw blades under the Timber Wolf brand.

Timber Wolf band saw blades are made of Swedish silicon steel so the blades last longer than the competition and offer true tracking and no wandering, according to Delta. They are also designed to be used at lower tension, which requires less horsepower from the band saw

The line, initially available from Delta, includes:

• PC (Positive Claw) Series for kiln dried wood

• AS-S (Alternate Set Special) Series for straight line veneer cutting

• VPC (Variable Positive Claw) Series for straight line re-sawing; kiln- and air-dried wood

• HP (High Performance) Series for detail work

• RK (Raker) Series for detail work

They are available in lengths of 56-1/8”, 72-1/2”, 93-1/2”, 105”, 111”, and 142”.

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