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Deadline nears for Craftsman’s Challenge

The May 31 deadline is approaching for the ninth annual Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge, an international design competition with cash awards that highlights achievement in the use of natural wood veneer products.

There is no entry fee and material does not have to be sourced through Veneer Technologies to be eligible. Results will be announced at July’s AWFS fair in Las Vegas.

The Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge recognizes all segments of the industry, from woodworking design professionals and students to distributors and sales representatives. A cash award of $3,000 will be made to the creator of the grand-prize winning entry. The distributor of the veneer for the grand prize winning entry will receive $2,000, and the corresponding distributor salesman will receive $1,000. Other category-winning entries receive $1,000. Non-cash and special awards may be given at the judges’ discretion.

All entries must have been produced between January 2008 and May 2013 and not previously entered in a Craftsman’s Challenge competition. Entry form and rules are found at

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