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CMA offering spray certification program in N.C.

The Cabinet Makers Association, in conjunction with the American Wood Finishing Institute, is offering a formal, hands-on instructional program to train and certify spray finish operators.

The program is funded by a work force training grant from the state of North Carolina, which means participating companies can train and certify their spray operators at no cost.

The program offers the following certifications for:

  • Multistep antiquing and glazing
  • Color matching
  • Spray operators
  • FinishGenius software users

Training program participants will receive:

  • 150 custom-formulated colors stylized by AWFI
  • One FinishGenius software program preloaded with participating company's coating information and all formulas created in the class
  • 150 profiled sample blocks 4" wide 6" long in the species of company's choice

For information, visit or

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